The inadequacy of serendipity in a fateful world

There’s no such thing as chance?

What is fate?

Is destiny a farce?

Serendipity is a happy accident or perfectly orchestrated event.

Binded by universal knowledge and lifestyles,our views on basic things like how life exists becomes a complicated maze of contradicting ideas.This is written in a complex and irrevocably pointless way to evoke the nothingness in your brain.

Do you believe that or do you believe that was meant in one way with an unseen message?

What of the plans you set aside with the hope of success?- Its flawed.

What of the malice of time and the challenge of humanity?- Man is their own enemy.

What of the environment which is slowing dying and mother nature slowly rising in anger and wretched pain?- Payback’s a bitch, and she’s already getting riled up.

Too many variables…too many problems…the margin of moments when life will subside, correlates with that of  earths survival.

The earth dies, we die.

We die, the earth lives!


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