L.A.M.B-Stefani Revolution

She has been around for more than 10 years and yet we still love her and her eclectic music and style.

Gwen Stefani epitomizes “eccentric”,often seen wearing totally mismatched items that she pulls off with ease,she has revolutionised the idea of post-modern fashion.

Her Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer ranges were fantastic,focusing equally on symmetry and color.Patterns – some of which, are deeply influenced by Africa, make bold statements.

I learnt that L.A.M.B teaches its customers to work with who they are,no gawky and insecure person can truly wear Gwen’s clothes without a measure of character and quirky confidence.

Fall/Winter of 2011/2012 gave us the Autumn burn and rich sunset tones that bring out ones skin.

Spring/Summer 2011 bring oriental and prints inspired by Africa to the forefront.

The cool, light material allowing for a flow in the design and comfort in it’s cut.

L.A.M.Bs Spring 11/12 bags twist purse into clutch into aesthetic art. Pastel colors and effectively eye-catching designs that focus on lines,is an all-round beautiful collection.

The footwear range is less bold than the clothing line.The shoes are reminiscent of Manolo Blahnik’s basic designs pre-global fashion trend infusion,Nine West’s 2011 Color-blocking collection and a cheap imitation of mass-produced high heels.

The kids section of L.A.M.B is quickly gaining momentum. Seen above is the Harajuku mini for kids, and with the rest of the collection,Gwen has not been obsessively bold and bright.

She keeps the kids sweetness by layering items and using the old-school patterns -some of which resemble kilts.

Gwen Stefani has truly created a remarkable and hybrid label which over the years has blossomed into its own phenomena.

I love her stuff and cannot wait to get mine…


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