Men’s Apparel

Forget the woman and our constant fashion trends and fad’s. A true testament to the evolution of fashion comes with men. Too reigned in by social conventions, finding new ways for men to look good and less archetypal, is hard. Then occasionally, there is a spark of inspiration and some men decide,not to create,but rather to recreate.

Guys like David Beckham look good in almost everything and as such,can wear their clothing in which ever way. He personifies the 21st century “Uber-male” or metrosexual and most guys should take a leaf out of his book because no one bends it (the rules of fashion) like Beckham.

Johnny Depp is one of my favorite well-dressed men simply because of the Bohemian rhapsody of clothing he compiles from refined suits or scruffy informal jeans. He epitomizes the rebellion of male simplification and makes everything he wears his own statement. We love the small additional trinkets and easy grace to which he holds himself.

Fashion designers are beginning to realize this new mentality or people have been slowly listening to the designers who foretold this. Anyway, You have the greats like Karl Lagerfeld and the new blood that is taking the world by storm-David Tlale. I’d kill to wear anything they design and men are beginning to flock to their collections. Forget typical pinstrip suits and jeans and T-shirt’s. Now we see skirts,color-blocking to the max and rich materials molded to perfection to form the most elaborate male attires ever seen.

I love it!

Don’t define yourself by someone else’s tastes – Define your own tastes and then flaunt its perfection!

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