Clash of the Titans

I didn’t…I couldn’t believe it till the actual footage came out!

WWE Hall of Famers:


This is momentous to anyone whose been a wrestling fan for the better part of 20 years. I have loved and hated this industry more than most – particularly the bad scripting of the short skits and what’not. But what I’ve always loved, is the wrestlers that make us rise and fall with them! I’m not talking about these new p*ssy-footed children(Eg: Nexus, John Morrison, Edge etc) that come and go trying to make a name for themselves by shunning the work of legends in wrestling entertainment.

I’m speaking of the ones that truly brought us wrestling:

Triple H
Eddie Guerrero
Shawn Micheals
Rob Van Dam
Heartbreak Kid
Steve Austin
Rick Flair
Brock Lesner
The Rock and John Cena.

April 1st,2012 on WrestleMania 28, marks the clash of the ultimate titans. These men have cemented their names in wrestling,music and cinematography and now they’re battling for another title to add to their illustrious careers.

The WWE has lost the plot in recent years. John and Rock have brought back respect for the industry and its participants. it’s refreshing. They bring out the best in each other as entertainers.

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