“A woman’s crown”: The hairy debacle

Listen up Listen up!
From the Far East to down South and the yonder regions of the Western world.
It’s become apparent to me that hair is a seriously discussed part of ones life and misconceptions have been made.

This is my opinion and in no way a reflection of those mentioned (Company,label or public figure)

Every single generalization is wrong simply because: everybody is different, but one thing I feel strongly about is that the physical aspects altered and changed, are not always in direct correlation with identity, things like materialism and perceptions,as well as traditions and long-standing cultural norms within ones community. Hair is often said to be “a woman’s crown”. It is said to encompass some of the collective beauty of a woman. Repunzel had long and lustrous hair, celebrities like Oprah,Sophia Vergara and models like the Victoria Secret angels all have long hair and/or extensions. Beauty is what is being discussed here and not hair. People are arguing what is the definition of beauty and not what hair represents as a reflection of ones inner self.

I like weaves and yaki and braids and stuff. Afro’s and dreads would never suit me and though my hair is okay,it lacks the length I like. Long hair frames my face and I like flicking it. It also makes me look super hot because it compliments my clothing and height.

One thing yall need to understand is that getting ones hair done usually hurts. And tracks do not look pretty but sometimes the end justifies the means. Now, I was watching Deborah Patta’s show “3rd Degree” on Etv. This woman made some valid points on the industry but was so judgmental and condescending that it defeated the essence of the story/expose.

Anyway, I hope you get my point. Hair is awesome; This is regardless of age, sex, gender,geographical location, cultural norms and traditions.

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