South Africa’s new level of ridiculousess

I’m all for being unique, for acknowledging and marking ones respect for those that have done so much to alleviate gross human rights violations.


I do not like the new “Mandela” notes though. The new banknotes feature the image of former South African president and renowned icon Nelson Mandela and recently went into circulation. The R10, R20, R50, R100 and R200 banknotes feature Nelson Mandela’s image on one side and the other side maintains the Big Five animals already on the notes, with added security features.In what way does putting a mans name and face on everything in a country show any significance?I’m over South Africa and all its random ridiculousness. Spending so much money making new notes that aren’t necessary when there is so much else this money could be geared towards. Not to mention, the money looks so ridiculous it may as well be Monopoly money.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela (Photo credit: Festival Karsh Ottawa)

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