7 day till the end of time: “Apocalypse bucket list”

7 days left people!

Personally I lean towards the works of Dan Brown and his belief that the world would not infact end, but rather that a point of absolute Enlightenment will be reached.

Researchers claim that the Mayan calendar cycle, named “the 13th b’ak’tun”, ends on December 21, 2012.

The standing belief is that this signals the world’s end, and another bad-ass (and not mainstream) planet is set to crash into our awesome one. This will happen (apparently), on the Winter’s Solstice. Am I the only one wishing it’s actually Optimus Prime who comes hurtling towards this here planet?

I’m gonna be seriously pissed if John Cusack, Liam Neeson, Tom Cruise or Will Smith does not come and save me. Granted, I’m going to pull a Milla Jovovitch and survive purely based on primal instinct, but I do need some testosterone-fueled specimen to be my sidekick. I may barely escape the heightened change in the elements of earth, but I think that the world is going to be hit by something so mind-boggling that it will alter the very foundations of our beliefs and the fabric of existence.

If your really scared of the pending doom, visit the fanatic sites of “2012apocalypse.net” or “survive2012.com”. You can get a basic guide to survive and such. It’s really helpful and simultaneously amusing. Apparently you should refrain from breathing for some minutes or  abstain from drinking too.

Here are a few suggestions as to what you should do in the last 7 days till this dreaded day arrives:

Have an adventure whether it be in the safety of crisp pages of old books, or the actual way of living, go find an adventure. Gather your guts and claim glory. Raise your courage and conquer your fears. Whether its sky-diving , bungee jumping, eating snails(French delicacy  or telling someone you love them. Go out there and claim a memorable memory. One person said: “I’ll go the places I’ve only ever seen in magazines and the screensaver of computers”. I totally agree and sigh at the thought of delving into the lakes often flashing on the screen of my laptop in sleep-mode.

Splurge – deny yourself nothing and treat yourself to your hearts desire. That Louboutin stiletto that has haunted your dreams-BUY IT! That Harley Davidson motorbike that revvs your spirits as it fires up must be claimed.

Gorge– That meal that you’ve always craved but did not consume because it was laden with physical consequence, must be had. Go to that fancy shmancy restaurant and order it. Savor the taste and decadence and wallow not in self pity.
Learn the basics of that thing you always wanted to do. I want to learn to surf. Seriously, I have the look down with board-shorts and a bikini top and I constantly drool at the hot guys on the beach. The sea has called to me since before I knew the dark waters name. I wish to know how to surf before I die. Whats your dream? What do you want to do before you die? “Switch off the lights”? “Learn to Ballroom dance”?Watching one of 2012 greatest movie releases: “The Hobbit“.  Everyone knows I’m a movie boffin and the Lord of the Rings franchise is one of my favorites EVER! From the production value, the settings, the potency of the acting, Viggo Mortinson and Hugo Weaving, this franchise solidified the level of precision and dedication required to produce masterpieces in Hollywood. I want to see this epic adventure for an epic time, before an epic end.
Store – OK listen up. If what they speculate is true, your gonna need to horde as much stuff to survive as possible.  Food (canned mostly), water (bottled) , blankets and stuff are gonna be in demand. I’m focused on finding scuba gear in case water is the problem, as well as arms and protected travelling vehicles. Basically, pick something to focus your energies towards and buy it all up. OW! Don’t forget chocolate. That may become a rare delicacy.

Leave some evidence of  your existence– When all is said and done, who knows what will remain. It may be that the world is left barren of human life and aliens come to claim earth. It may be that some humans survive. If you are or aren’t among them, you may want to jot down some important things-like a memoir. Sort of like “The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy“. Write your life’s story, the best bands of every era, the most influential individuals ever to exist and their escapades, what had man made and what nature formed that man could never, or even want to imitate. Grab a pen and paper and write (and then seal it in plastic)…maybe grab a stone and chizel. Better yet, create a blog.

 Visit a holy house– I don’t care what you believe in. Pop in and say hi to the almighty.
I cover my basis: I holla at the Christian God, Allah, Bhudda, Krishna etc etc.
If you are away from family, text someone, call , tweet or write on their Facebook walls. Just to ensure they know that you are thinking of them and/or love them.
Lastly, and my favorite “must do” of the Apocalypse- be open to the possibilities. If this date comes and goes without anything happening, if something does happen, do not remain narrow-minded. I’m not above thinking the aliens will look for those with an open mind to divulge their secrets of old too and stuff. Think on it and allow yourself to be swept away with the possibility.



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