AkrikaBurn 2013: “Burning Man” regional event

God bless South Africans and their need to party any which way they can.

So this time the event is AfrikaBurn“, a Burning Man regional event held in the Tankwa Karoo National Park, South Africa.

Date: 01-06 May 2013
Participants: 7000 (capped)
At this event people have freedom of expression.

This is a festival to aid in constructing a temporary and hybrid multi-media collaborative arts project. Naturally, the environment is one not riddled with the commercial bullshit that other events thrive on.

At this event there is no exchange of the profitable kind.

I.e: no cash bars, branded promos for products and services and such, and no other vending.

 Required items of survival:
  • The need or ability to be social- HELLO!
  • Food (bring non-perishables and maybe a cooler box filled with Braaivleis for the first day) for 4 days
  • Water (5 litres available daily per person) for 4 days
  • Shelter (I’m thinking tents, RVs or basically just sleeping bags dudes)
  • Fuel (or there’s a chance of being stranded and well…you’d be fucked!)
  • Black plastic bag because rubbish bins aren’t available.
  • First-aid kit.

Pictures courtesy of AfrikaBurn.Com


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