Beyonce Knowles-Carter for H&M

Beyonce-as-Mrs-Carter-in-HM-4So here is what happened last month.

A Swedish retailer known as H&M unveiled the first sneek-peek at Beyonce’s new range.

As of now, there is an assortment of added images which have been released.

Am I the only one still confused by how Beyonce isn't ageing?

The 31-year-old singer is photographed showcasing several swimsuits, with some flowers littering her wild mane.

Swimsuits include: a fringed bikini, the summer spark of a yellow bikini,as well as a green and white bikini with a pattern.

As if she couldn’t be cooler, the pictures reveal her bellybutton piercing.


The shoot takes place in a very idyllic setting that has us thinking Mojitos and romantic sunsets, imitating Baywatch characters as we run through the sandy beach, or lounging about in absolute luxury.

In H&M head of design Ann-Sofie Johansson’s words: “What makes these pieces even more special is that Beyoncé herself had input into the design, and they are full of her own personal style.”Sneak-Peek-Beyonce-as-Mrs-Carter-for-HM

Stock on all these items will be available in May, both online and in stores.

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  1. can’t wait to find the collection in the stores ❤


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