Boston Marathon Footage: Bombing leaves USA in panic

Just less than 48 hours ago Boston experienced 2 bomb detonations situated at the annual  Boston Marathon‘s finish line around 15: 00 pm, that left 3 people dead, and had more than 150 people admitted to hospital (17 in critical condition).


(picture courtesy of The Independent)

No one has been detained into police custody, despite the large array of potential suspects. A Saudi Arabian student injured during the blast had his home searched. The 5-0 , I personally think, committed racial profiling when they deemed the student a person of interest, then later covering their stereotyped rash judgement by clearing him of suspicion soon after.

Blood in seen on the sidewalk in front of a candy store advertising a Marathon Monday sale a day after two explosions at the Boston Marathon in Boston,  April 16, 2013.  REUTERS-Jessica Rinaldi

The United States President, Mr Barack Obama, stated that the people that bombed Bostom would “feel the weight of justice“, while the general White House commentary indicated that this was an act of terror on the bombers part.

Those dumb fools should not mess with a country that possesses so many secrets, unmentionable methods of torture exercised in undisclosed locations, and unlimited resources to be utilised. Justice will be swiftly dealt in an efficient manner.
So many suffered but I’d like to turn your attention to this twitter post I just found of a child who was running in the race and died in the attack.


Boston native Mark Wahlberg was distraught at what had happened to his beloved city. He was seen tweeting this.

Difficult time: Mark Tweeted this short but heartfelt message

Sending prayers to everyone suffering from this.

A couple walks down Boylston Street away from the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston, April 15, 2013.  REUTERS-Shannon Stapleton

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