New Music: More than Lukewarm

This is a debut video.

Artist: Lebo Lukewarm

Featuring: Reason

Song title: “I Want You”

Produced by: The Vowel

We are loving Lebo's sound. 

Honestly, initially I’m always wary of rap music that comes out in this age. Too much time has been wasted listening to meaningless, unhinged garbage laden with cheap imitations and cliched synthetic sound.

The South African music industry has built its reputation on the institution of traditional antiquity and national pride and diverse progression. This has meant a stagnation in how contemporary genres like Rap, Hip Hop, Pop etc. are perceived. If the worth of music is judged primarily on the global lucrativeness and acclaim, our industry would be deemed failing.

However, this is an age of rethinking mentalities. Now we are attuned to how the greatest lyrical geniuses, composers, music producers and entertainers, are somehow not always the famed.

Lebo Lukewarm has made me rethink my somewhat jaded perception on SA hip hop.

This song is…in the neatest definition…smooth. The synchronicity of instrumentals and vocals is lovely. This is a ‘nod along to the rhythm’  song. The music video (and other artists should learn this) does not take away from the actual song. The content correlates and the color scheme adds a crispness to the videographic ambiance, the apparel, and the performance.

So keep an eye out for this artists and the many more songs to come.


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