Matthew Keys for Burberry

Key in the new fashion non-season with the new Burberry non-executive director, one telecom boss notorious for his abilities at rebranding- Mister Matthew Key.

He’s the guy that made the O2 Arena the phenomenal success it is, unrecognisable from the once known Millenium Done. Not to mention, he pushed the UK into the 21st century when he brought the iPhone to its rainy shores.

picture courtesy of Macworld

Beginning in September, the business man with a digital vision and insane branding insight will start reviewing and making preliminary alterations to the Burberry brand.

Not that I see anything wrong with the brand right now. I kind of scour their site for hours. “LOOK! SHINY! PREEEEEETTY!”

Yeah, I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to shopping.

Telefónica Digital is Matthew Key’s baby. It functions with versatility, through application developments, advertising through technological mediums, and the secrets of, as Robert Downey phrased it so geekifully in The Avengers “R&D, you’d love it… it’s candyland.”

Candyland for the fashion freaks it would seem involves wearable tech and next level advertising.

Don’t believe me? Well Matthew just got his job, but former chief executive of Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Peneve was poached by Apple to develop their brand-specifically, a tightly held secret sure to make us pay thousands for the new shiny (**,)

Latest collection by Burberry is customized with digital content embedded in your fibres.

Picture courtesy of Social  karma media

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