Designer Focus: Vera Wang

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Intuitive and creative designer Vera Wang is a woman in possession of a lovely talent. Her ability to wield a pencil on paper, and coax an incredibly beautiful and delicate piece of apparel is captivating. She began with wedding gowns, and upon her popularity, she expanded her vision into an international brand focused on haute couture and the forgotten details associated with events.

She has a present preoccupation with lace, stating that: “Lace is always graceful, with its precariously stitched-together threads, its intricate, patterns, and its delicacy. This is the kind of precious fabric that gets carefully preserved from one generation to the next, its remnants boxed away in tissue or under glass for future family members to discover and relish. It holds onto memories and will always tell a story, which is what makes it so fitting for a wedding gown.”

For the new Fall season she wants to bask in the antiquity of sentimentality, in regards to lace. However design is nothing without the fusion of the contemporary. “Lindsey is the titled dress collection style, where indulgence is wallowed in expressed in the intricacies of lacework.

Pictured here is Lindsey- A stapless mermaid gown made with “bias organza and lace flange detail (accented by crystal and pearl cluster embroidery at the hip), corded leaf and embroidered circular lace complete the decadent masterpiece .

Mermaid silhouettes, au natural ambiance, ease of different fabrics,like Chantilly lace, as they are swirled around the delicate form, and a refreshing lack of embellishments in embroidery and such.

Vera is a designer that understands what it means when people look for the lightness and ease, that accompanies the desperate lust for beauty for a bride.

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  1. I love her work!
    check out my latest look:


    1. Lady_Crunk says:

      she really is amazing.


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