Activate: All Superhero fans!

After my twitter feed yesterday you surely must know. I am BESIDE myself with excitement.

HOLY SMOKES! The Coup-des-Gras of Comics come to life.

Maaaaaan! The World is going crazy. Comic Con attendees kneeled before the great powers of Marvel and DC Comics. After these past 3yrs of heavy-duty Superhero work, of the Avengers initiative being activated, of Wolverine and X-Men reviving, of Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger reaffirming the strength of Hollywood actors ability to deliver brilliant scripts with achingly convincing acting talent, the time has come.

They are assembling the greatest of superheroes in one movie.

..and the man who brought us infinitesimally fantastic science fiction, and movies of aesthetically pleasing and imaginative dramatic stylization, is on board. Mr Christopher Nolan is stepping in as executive producer of this movie. It will be the joining of powerhouses Man of Steel (Superman) and the Dark Knight (Batman).

I have no words to truly express my joy save for these: “Where can one purchase Lycra? I’m going to the premier as the pinnacle of true Fangirlment.” [yes,that’s a word and everything]

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  1. can’t wait to see those two in one movie :>
    check out my latest post:


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