Expansion: All new International brands in SA

These past 4 years have been absolutely fantastic for South Africa.
We’ve had a steady stream of international fashion and event brands expanding their franchises to our shores.

Following success and critical acclaim on established runways like those in Milan and New York, South African designers have elicited a moan of passionate curiosity and inspiration from fashion houses and all their associates and affiliates.
Business franchises have monitored the market fluctuations, and found South Africa worthy of being graced with lovely commercial exploitation. Now, while I identify myself as the epitome of commercialism’s materialistic offspring, and therefore have no qualms with such profitable endeavors such as franchise expansion, I find myself worried at their log-term reception. People rallied to cease Wal-Marts plan to bring its chain here. Think they’ll be receptive to others trying?

I live in Cape Town, South Africa. The greatest and most exclusive shopping mall (In my personal opinion) is Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. I’m a person with a sensitive pallet when it comes to food, style and ambiance. I love that mall because it encompasses crispy clean aesthetic that chooses to emphasize quality in all it sells to people.

Johannesburg may be a city with a Christian LeCroix store, but Cape Town has recently got “Top Shop”,”Tommy Hilfiger“, “Top Man” and Zara. This is along with my much beloved Burberry store, Paul Smith (on Bree Street now), and Apsley (which sells Yves Saint Laurent apparel, as well as Christian Louboutin stilettos which I covet above all).

Did I mention how H&M[Hennes & Mauritz] (whose most recent campaign starred Beyonce Knowles Carter) is opening its store here soon?

Ow! And if you’ve got the munchies after reading this, note the Burger King restaurant in town too.

But worry not Johannesburg, I just heard some excellent news I’m so jealous at you for: The Hard Rock Cafe – a cross-continental franchise deeply entrenched in the history of American music in the 21st century- is coming.
Opening in November 2013 it will be the only one in Africa, celebrate the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll and the lifestyle, whilst using the ambiance associated with the rich culture of Africa to bring in loyal customers.

I’ll be there soon. Watch this space!
If they bring 30 Seconds to Mars or John Mayer I will die! After first flying to Johannesburg to watch the concert.


a sneak peek at some of the memorabilia that will be in Hard Rock Cafe JHB.


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  1. The fashion business is expanding in South Africa rapidly day by day. The clothes, interior, shoes even every thing’s international as well as local brands are opening their franchises there for good business.
    breaking news south africa


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