Mercedes Benz Fashion Week:Cape Town 2013 (Preparations)

A little birdy, dressed stylishly in M&H, just told me that they are showing at Fashion Week alongside Gavin Rajah in the opening show.

Last year I covered this spectacle and it was a memorable experience.

Mercedes Benz is the primary sponsor that governs the workings of this event. Fashion Week in South Africa is not that long actually, it more or less spans a 3-day jam-packed schedule.

This year Milq & Honey, and Earnest Mahomane will be two of the brands that shows on opening night. This is a tremendous accomplishment as these shows set the pace for the rest of the Fashion Week. Last year had Klûk CGDT keeping me entranced in their romanticism fairytale motif, inspired by a season in America’s Hollywood cinema that delved into the darker, more enthralling fairytale spectacle that spurned from Grimm stories. This is a theme that Stephanie Morland also stood true to.

A snapshot taken by Elsibe Loubser of HSSS, of the Stephanie Morland finale

Spring/Summer collections are often geared towards celebrating a season that adores the sun,flaura and fauna, the brightness that becomes them, the ambiance that exacerbates our feelings of warm elation, and a time to grow and prosper.

The color scheme for Spring is reminiscent of the milky pastels of our adolescents. There is a preoccupation with emerald,violet,an orange that could be likened to nectarines and creamsicle, homage to the worlds obsession with royals as ‘Monaco blue‘ is used(note Kate Middleton’s maternal wear), and the adorable 60s poppy red and rust. Isabel Marant used poppy red to downplay the jacquard prints in her collection. Louis Vuitton had lemon zest to create a spring line that was elegant in the simplicity of the cuts and designs, but vibrant in its color palette. Sonia Rykiel used splatters of color as embellishments to the neutral clothing, clothing which gives off the relaxation vibe. John Galliano created variety in his collection using said colors, which nearly distracted me from the boring nature of his collection.

It was Alexander McQueen whom I deduced had no care to focus on color as the primary means of defining their collection. The clothing was exquisite in the intricacy of the fabrics patterns, the inlaid drama of the exaggerated silhouette blew my mind, and all I could contemplate though is “Where will I wear this collection if I had it?”

I do hope the South African designers have taken it upon themselves not to try and copy international fashion houses, but rather to interpret and recreate the Spring/Summer season into apparel. Cape Town Magazine reported that, Africa Fashion International’s Global Brand Manager, Allen Finley stated that :“With the anticipated reunion of established and celebrated designers, along with the entry of upcoming designers, this year promises to unveil an abundance of extraordinary and revolutionary fashion.”

All I know is that I’ll be dressed by two labels with absolutely stylish collections: Milq&Honey and Traffic clothing.

PicMonkey Collage

News Just In: Rosenwerth, Cheryl Arthur and Ruald Rheeder are now confirmed.

Tickets cost between R100 – R250.00 and are sold at Webticket.


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Contact Number:   011 269 6960

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