Samuel L. Jackson in GQ

Samuel L Jackson needs no introduction. 

He is a pop culture,cinematic legend in the classic definition of the word. A career that spans nearly 3 decades, with blockbusters whose cumulative profit is equivalent to some countries GDP‘s, and roles that have made his method acting worthy of remembering (thus his place in pop cultures “Hall of Fame” for ‘Pulp Fiction‘).

He has always been an honorary South African. He stays here every other year, has filmed movies, made friends and endeared himself with his unselfish adoration of my country.

After his recent visit here, which saw him appearing in TV soapie drama ‘Generations’, he took to the pages of our magazines and is seen below in the latest GQ Style.


This latest issue of the magazine interviews him on his humanitarian and film work, whilst praising the flourishing SA fashion industry, as he evaluates his own style choices.

Styled by: Arthur Malan-Murison

Cover apparel by: Sheldon Kopman



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