Fangirl for Dakota

Alright, do not judge me!

I’m totally going wiley for Dakota Fanning being in South Africa right now. She had visited earlier on in the year for photo-shoots with her kid sister, model Elle Fanning.

I was told by my friend that Dakota is here with Zombieland andThe Social Network‘ star Jessie Eisenberg. They are here in support of the Bill Clinton Foundation, a charitable organisation dedicated to social development. The event they were attending was at the Ubuntu Centre in Port Elizabeth.

“Ubuntu” is derived from isiXhosa, and relates to the unified feelings of altruism and a sense of humanity towards others.


Pictures courtesy of FanningWorld 20130806_6Picture courtesy of FanningWorld

I am so antsy to get an impromptu interview with her. I wonder if she’ll pop in for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Cape Town 2013 this week.

Dibs on the first photo op.


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