How to party in Cape Town: Staying Fresh

 Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city in its own right.

Its reputation as South Africa’s “rich folk”  playground precedes itself. Every corner caters to different tastes. That’s over a 100 km radius of awesome.

This Saturday I attended an annual event at a prime location in Greenpoint. Its called “The Grand” and it is a restaurant/lounge situated right by the sea with a sandy plain, some huge canopies , picnic chairs etc. The event was hosted by one of South Africa’s leading streetwear brands called “Head Honcho“,affiliated with Miller Genuine Draft.

We partied hard with some folks who either flew down from all over SA, are university students, models, photographers, Television personalities, Dj’s etc.

PicMonkey Collage The Motto: STAY FRESH. GET MONEY!

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