Hugh Jackman hits South Africa

I was so not ready to hear about this.

Some warning would have been nice Universe!

Anyway, following the announcement of Meryl Streep , Jeff Bridges , and Alexander Skarsgard coming to Cape Town in mid-October to film “The Gifter”, and South African-born Victoria Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel bunking Paris Fashion Week to return home for a short stint and attend a Woolies event, some fresh news has surfaced regarding more international star imports.

44-year old Hugh Jackman, best known by his bad-ass alias ” Wolverine “, is on board the cast of futuristic movie ” Chappie ” directed by Neill Blomkamp. Blomkamp’s rise to international acclaim came with one of South Africa’s best science fiction releases ” District 9 “. He succeeded that with Elysium , starring one Hollywood archetypal secret agent figure – Matt Damon .

Now Hugh joins the cast of ” Chappie ” along with Sharlto Copley, whose rise to fame came with his casting as the central protagonist in ” District 9 “, and playing endearing misfit Captain H. M. “Howling Mad” Murdock in the movie adaptation of “The A-Team”. Copley will play a robot police officer.

The movie is based primarily on the premise of one of Neill’s 2004 short films, called “Tetra Vaal“, while the script was co-written with Terri Tatchell. The context is the seedy underbelly of South Africa where police officers, of the artificial intelligence persuasion, patrol the slums. The movie will be filmed in Johannesburg (cue fangirl screams), and the film reel starts recording in a couple of weeks, rolling into 2014.

Am I the only one sensing some serious potential “Robocop” meets Equilibrium vibes?

Picture by Hugh Jackman on Facebook page


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