The worlds one and only

“You are the single most important thing that will ever come to pass

Through your eyes we will color the world

You are born to a decrepit world, desolate of utter compassion.

…but you are the purest form of our humanity.

You are the hope and the stream, the brimstone, the dream.

You are the child that suffers through the broken cries of sorrow of your mothers heart.

You are the fathers disappointment, the sisters staying-in punishment.

You are the bones held together, breathing,by flesh strained over a hungry stomach perched high on unsettled legs.

You are the husk of a being that should be washed clean with the blood of gladly-given adoration.

The world swims in the whims of decadence, while you wash down your hunger with the cold air of dry summer.

You are made to be cattle to the uncaring and the desperate… the pawn to the cruel.

You are hoisted high on a mountain…a sacrifice for the ideal.

You are innocent.

You are all that remains of possibility.

Through the remnants of an idea,so carved into the flimsy material of a worlds chronology-the fates patchwork.

Please never give up you small perfection.

You fragment of peace

…and through etching your mark on the book of life that is the earth once the dust settles-Smile.

and let us realize what we underestimated.

…and should you die, young thing that you are…never forget that you were all that I hold dear.” 

Written and Published by: Olwethu-Thando Klaas

This is for the babies, the children and adolescents across the globe.

I have heard some stories, read biographies, and listened to my heart articulate to me the untold horrors across the globe. Wherever you are, I am with you. These borders don’t change the fact that I carry you with me. You may not know me, and you may never read this. You may never feel the warmth of another’s love, or feel cherished, but I need you to understand me. Please know that these world wars, these diseases, the poverty, and the pain of the beatings, the isolation you feel at being abandoned-they will not and should not break your spirit. Even if you die in the agony of a gruesome death, an unfinished life, I live for you. I have no money, no power, no friends.I have a family. I have you. This does nothing to even make me understand a piece of what you may be going through, nor does it excuse my lack of active and productive agency in trying to reach you in order to help you. I try and do my part, I volunteer, provide charitable contributions, I petition and I try, but my excuses do not make up for living without pain like many of you do, Your homes are bombed, your areas denied water and other sustenance. You are denied education and the freedoms the rest of us have become accustomed to. Our governments, companies and organizations justify the ruining of your future by stating they protect the countries interests, your interests. But I know that is not what you want. I hear you. I wrote this inspired by a song called “Small Bump” by Ed Sheeran. I shed tears for the hope and utter sorrow of the song. I thank him for that piece of magic. Through it I found the words strung together in my mind to write to you small wonder that you are.

To the children across the globe: you are the worlds one and only.

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