The Voice of Nonhle

We support local talent because of the possibilities it initiates. We reign well wishes and exclaim happiness at local talents making themselves successful as an affirmation of the hard work and dedication these artists put in.

It’s not everyday someone can say someone they know is an international star. Guess it’s my time to brag. Nonhle Beryl has had an extensive career, both in her birthplace South Africa, as well as abroad. She is currently a contestant on the German version of the show “The Voice” that aids in selecting new talents, using established entertainers to help hone these contestants, and providing the world with new sounds.

The video above is of Nonhle Beryl’s blind audition, where she sang “Mr Know-it-all” and got into the next round.Her voice speaks for itself, and the judges seem totally enamored with her. I wish her all the best and will continue to root for her to win.

She also just got a feature in OK Magazine. [See ]

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  1. nombuso pride luthuli says:

    Goodluck Nonhle Beryl we are proud of you


    1. Lady_Crunk says:

      Tweet her your motivation @MissNonhle 🙂 #ProudlySouthArican #VoiceOfGermany #TeamBeryl


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