A report from Hollywood

One of my favorite entertainers Jared Leto just posted a new pic from the Outernet.

Jared, Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest WhitakerMatthew McConaughey, Josh Brolin, and Michael B Jordan for The Hollywood Reporter, November 8, 2013 edition

I don’t understand why they called them “6 Surprise stars for award season”. Excuse you Hollywood Reporter but Jared on Requim for a Dream, Fight Club,Panic Room and Lord of War, Jake in Donnie Darko and Brokeback Mountain,Forest Whitaker in The Great Debaters and Last king of Scotland, McConaughey in Lincoln Lawyer….and the other two whose work I still need to get acquainted with.

These are no surprise. They are an unusual mix together, but their talents are unquestioned and awards come as no surprise.

Anyway, how suave is this cover right?


Said men are in the latest issue emphasizing the Uncensored Actor Roundtable.

McConaughey spoke of his new career as a dad, and its joys. Gyllenhaal made reference to his worst audition experience where he auditioned for Frodo for the movie adaption of JRR Tolkiens most famous work, “Lord of the Rings” and where he encountered problems with accents. Micheal spoke of the infamous trademark of ambitious actors:lying in auditions…see the rest on the Hollywoodreporter.com site.

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