Happy Birthday: Leonardo DiCaprio

Indeed you may know many other actors and entertainers who are veterans of the industry. You may find talents unquestionably the finest in all world cinema, and you may find more handsome men strutting about. However, Leonardo DiCaprio is the quintessential archetype of the finest, most skillful crop Hollywood can ever boast to exporting.

We wish him a happy birthday after more than 3 decades in this industry. His resume reads like a “Hall of Fame” list-of-awesome , given that he is one of only 8 Hollywood actors to have more than 10 movies topping every global chart, winning the most esteemed accolades, with some of the best crew and casts ever assembled. He is one of the highest paid people in the world, this is probably due to the fact that hiring him almost guarantees an extremely robust profit margin.

I could write an autobiography,sonnets and poetry about his life and his successes and failures

…But this is Leonardo DiCaprio.

The man who led the worlds most legendary films, such as : Romeo+Juliet , Titanic , The Great Gatsby , The Aviator ,The Departed , Gangs of New York, Inception , The Beach and Django: Unchained. You already know him, and if you do not, it is vital to anyone with a love of cinema, an adoration for talent and undeniable good looks.

Happy Birthday Leo. I hope you continue to make epic movies, and may you never lose that incredible talent that makes you integral to cinema’s greatness right now.


*Special thanks for his contribution to the worlds environmental conservation efforts, as well as his charitable contributions, specifically here in Africa.

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