F.R.I.E.N.D.S Reunion

The Return of Televisions most beloved ensemble.
2014 has already proved itself worthy of the bounty of well wishes and promises.
The Secrets of TV twitter account recently revealed that the legendary 10 season hit show “Friends” will be back for a 10 year reunion.
We finally see where the paths of Rachel,Ross,Monica,Chandler,Phoebe and Joey have led.

I am so emotional.
This is great news.
This show was never cancelled so we never felt left in a proverbial plot lurch, but it will be nice to reminisce about the awesomeness of this show.

There have been emulating shows like “How I met your mother” with their own niche and incredible storylines and acting, but still remaining true to the spirit of “Friends”.

I can’t wait to see the dynamics back on screen of Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courtney Cox (Monica), Matt Le Blanc (Joey), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matthew Perry (Chandler) & David Schwimmer (Ross) ♥

How amped are you?


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