Jimmy Kimmel shames South Africa


We knew this would happen guys. We tweeted about it when it did, and we were vigilant about the media ramifications of a fake interpreter.

Now, we’re blasted on Kimmel’s show.

Here’s the details: When the late Nelson Mandela’s memorial was to take place, as is customary with major events involving dignitaries and general citizens, the organizing committee, overseen under the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, a Sign Language Interpreter was commissioned for those needing assistance to understand the content should they be hearing impaired.

The interpreter that was commissioned is one Thamsanqa Jantjies.

Rumors circulating state that he had no security clearance yet he stood alongside the worlds most powerful leaders interpreting bullsh*t to the global population watching the proceedings. Jantjie’s claims that he suffers from schizophrenic episodes. He states that his episodes have hindered his clarity during interpreting, and thrust a varying number of antagonistic offenses into existence, such as his multiple felonies and murder charges. I’d feel sorry for him but it was lax for the Department of International Relations and Cooperation,The Department of Defense and the Secret Service of individual leader to not screen every close-contact personnel. Protocols were bypassed and this man made away with a 1 Million+ cheque for his “work”.

…and now, instead of remembering the Nelson Mandela memorial as the pinnacle of respect paid to a man who dedicated most of his life to being one of the Architects of South African Democracy, we remember the event as another failure notch in the proverbial sh*tfest that is post-Apartheid South Africa with a faltering governing system.

….And we made it on to Jimmy Kimmel’s show – YAY! NOT!

P.S: The result of Jantjie’s interpreting is insanely funny memes such as this one I uploaded to twitter on Christmas

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