CHΔSΞ Apparel SS ’14 Range

The name to remember this year: Chase Apparel

They have something not a lot of brands focus on – quality product, not to mention Chase has a large quantity of loyal customers.
The convenience of their delivery is a huge point in their favor. They have overnight delivery.
As an avid online shopper, this is GOLD!

They’ve cornered their market through the use of Social networks and the support of local celebrities in order to garner notoriety.

Still pre-pubescent, the business was founded in 2011 by a group of men, based on the objective of providing worthy apparel for the young adults whose style has evolved beyond the norm – the uniformity of chain stores apparel, such as Mr Price.

So anyway, its a new year- 2014.
Chase Apparel has a new Spring/Summer collection out.
First preview was out tonight.

What do you guys think?

Leather,lycra vests,cotton baseball shirts, snapbacks etc. – all must have’s for the veritable fashion lover.


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