J&B Met 2014: To Enter, plunder &Conquer

As in time honored tradition, everything is being readied

(Including my accreditation)

PicMonkey Collage

The J&B Met is South Africa’s main equestrian outdoor social event.

On Saturday the 1st February 2014 at the Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town, the annual J&B Met will take place.

In accordance with the City of Cape Town, the city will be altered to promote this huge, enjoyable, star-studded and fashion centred event.


This year’s theme is “Made to Conquer”.

This is one of the most notorious Conquerers in history:

 The theme is hard to wear, but is a brilliant notion to live up to and easy to translate to an attitude.

Think of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones , because Jack Gleeson as Geoffrey Baratheon, and Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister, represent the epitome of indifferent royal stature and power harnessed to conquer everything,everyone and everywhere.

“The theme celebrates those with the courage and determination to never give up in the face of any obstacle, an attitude that is found in the spirit of J&B™, a spirit that inspires us to go and show the world what we’re made of because we are all, ‘Made to Conquer.’”- J&B Met official press release

The official schedule is:

10h00    Kenilworth Racecourse opens

11h30    Racing begins

13h40    J&B Most Elegant Couple competition in association with Expresso semi-finals held on the main stage

14h55    Finals of the J&B Most Elegant Couple competition in association with Expresso held on the main stage

16h25    the J&B Met

18h00    5fm J&B Met official After Party starts

19h00    Final race of the day

00h00   Kenilworth Racecourse shuts down

I will be doing my work alongside fellow bloggers, editorial teams from the likes of GQ and Heat Magazine, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and CNN with their horse-racing show “Winning Post” broadcasting the event.

I look forward to this year and I have a few tips to dish out from past experience:

Bring money for convenience sakes and for emergencies

Keep hydrated

Sunglasses to better see

Wedges and flats over stilettos

Bring a camera

Bring a friend

Tweet us at @hysesyse @Lady_Crunk or hashtag #HSSS #JBMet #MadeToConquer


Talk to me now:Comments this way!

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