Stay Fresh. Get Money -Hello Party Season!

While I can argue their clothes are entirely street style and bear no charismatic draw to a stylish bone in my body, others would argue differently.

One thing I can appreciate about the brand “Head Honcho” is how they have built around a fluid sense of purpose to be entirely cool – by any means necessary.

Known throughout South Africa as the Summer Party Season openers, Head Honcho has established themselves as the foremost organizers of good times that appeal to the age groups 18-35 yrs old.

Theirs is not an obligatory frigid and exclusive tête-à-tête littered with A-C listers, as most major city’s in South Africa have been known to throw.

I’ve been to all their events since I was reborn a Capetonian in 2011. They have maintained a fastidious focus on clean, refreshingly slick, and cavalier party events – like the 1 night lovechild of Spring Break and a 4th of July in the Hampton’s.

You may consider the analogy far-fetched, however, one recent announcement promises to bring elements of the analogy to fruition.

The 2013 Stay Fresh Saturday experience


 So apparently this year we are having a whole f*ckfest of awesome!



The yacht tickets are now available at

Tickets are R500 each and are limited!

The yacht will cruise around the V&A harbour for an hour and then post up right next to the Grand for another hour.Bvei5zxIQAA7AdQ

The line-up of performing artists promises all lovers of kwaito,hip hop and house, some measure of satisfaction, while the venue ( The Grand) is a certainty on its delivery of a great ambiance.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m planning to rock nautical Spring/Summer ’15 couture Resort-wear.
The past Stay Fresh events, I’ve donned relaxed apparel.

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