New Music Review: Better the ghosts that we know

One of the things that constantly surprises me when it comes to the new age of South African music, is the fact that I can still like something that’s formulated from an already-functioning motif.

Lebolukewarm brings us a new single called “Lesilo” under the credit of the Camera-shy guys – aptly named considering the video features the three guys earnestly, but shyly, acting out the plot of nearly every man’s 20s wishes, dreams and nightmares. Watching the video on the eve of Valentines Day is almost a warning to the masses of the ramifications of the time-honored tradition of ballin’ so hard.

The single is said to be named from “a fictional character in a classic South African series about a man who had control over a ghost called ‘Lesilo’.” Contextually, the artists have used the name in reference to the stereotypified men who spend a wealth of money on woman and maintaining a certain kind of lifestyle, as well as the females who are typified to disappear to better pastures when the funds dwindle.

I guess the title could also somehow make inferences to the corporeal state such people exist in where a lack of substance, a preoccupation with the material, and the lack of any ‘real’, reveal people living as shadows of who they’re meant to be.

Anyway, I found the song feel-good; the kind of good where you’re looking for the perfect song when the combo of a sunny day, good Peoples and a barbecue create a near-idyllic ambiance.

Lebo proceeds to sing/rap out catchy lyrics with key words that favor South African audiences with a background in Kwaito & Hip Hop appreciation – perhaps homage to music of decades passed since the tempo of the piano and the rhythm of the song rings in 80s and 90s kasi nostalgia.

Perhaps I’m speaking nonsense and merely reviewing in amateur prose, so watch the video yourself and tell me what you think.

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Song Credits

Produced by: VtheVowel
Mixed by: AyandaPatrick
Mastered by: Pete Maher
Photography: Dumani Khuzwayo
Design: Lebolukewarm

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