Look of the Day: Trail Blazer

I’m a woman who likes the really simple side of fashion styling, so when I was at London Fashion Week dressed in such a manner, I got quite alot of requests for photo ops and interviews regarding my style. One of the people who requested my time was a liaison from one of Britain’s leading online retailers – Getthelabel.com.

While I don’t market myself as a “fashion blogger” in the archetypal sense, I am a blogger with a love of fashion, and as such I welcome any opportunity to further advance the exposure South African street style gets globally.

I received a package from Getthelabel, and found myself utterly delighted at what was within.

So I decided to style each item up and premier them as my look of the day.

Today’s look? Trail Blazer.

I’m wearing a powder blue Vero Moda Womens Vmbusso Long Blazer teamed with a paisley print top, boyfriend jeans, stilettos and accessories of my choosing.

I totally adore the blazer guys – NO LIES!


Do you know how hard it is for tall people to find jackets that serve very specific functions to their needs while also looking stylish? It’s really hard.

This blazer has length that accommodates long arms, and is tailored to the female form in such a way that it does not overwhelm the silhouette, and amplifies the lines of the body creating height, and an air of elegance. The blazer is warm enough for a chilly day, but thin enough not to overheat the wearer on hot days. It can be day and night, it’s just privy to the wearers whims.

I plan to take this anywhere I travel because, until my wallet supports my Burberry coat obsession, Vero Moda has my heart for now.

Remember to shop the label:

Vero Moda

Going for £ 30

PicMonkey Collage

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