Travel New York: A Bloggers Essential Hi Online Gadgets

It’s a brave, new world where gadgets reign supreme.

For the most part, tech is a convenient way to get many of our jobs done, but humans can very rarely be replaced. That is what makes reading content – like about my New York trip – through our phones and such, so much fun.

I’ve had an amazing experience in New York; I expected as much – movies can’t be too wrong, right?

People will always be in your face about ‘experiencing things in the real world, not through your phone’, but those are the ones blind to how we curate our whole modern lives.

With my Motorola Z, available at Hi Online, I was able to capture the moments I needed – the perfect and the imperfect. Memories from Fashion Week and sightseeing, are now saved infinitely on this device, and my Lexar memory card, to view whenever my hardworking Insipio power bank charges it up.

Having collaborated with many Proudly South African brands, such as Afrigarde, Michelle Ludek, Beach Cult, Ruff Tung, Lorne Jewellery, and Simon & Mary, as well as acclaimed shoe brands Puma and Madison Heart of New York, I felt ready to hit the streets and make a home for myself in the camera reel of photographers decorating the pavements of New York.

Among the shows I got to see, such as the glittering Greta Constantine showcase, PH5’s artificial nature presentation and star-studded front row Lunya show, the efforts of South Africa’s Vivid Luxury PR & Marketing firm gave me the opportunity to view G-Star in collaboration with Pharrell Williams’s latest collection in all its modern, untamed and technicolor glory, as a finale to my Fashion Week experience. It was interesting. I would be willing to try out atleast 3 of their pairs of jeans. Best moment of the day has to be when my Moto Z recorded an impromptu interview I had with model and featured actor Broderick Hunter, on HBO original comedy-drama series ‘Insecure’.

My celeb spotting, pop culture mania, architecture awe, and precious foodie blessings are protected with clarity, by my phone cover, and my Protection Pro SA’s screen guard.

Hi Online graciously introduced me to the gadgets I didn’t know I needed, to continue successfully and efficiently, as a travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Stay tuned for the exclusive interviews I got with the G-Star Head of Strategy, and actor/model Broderick Hunter, coming just now…now now…I swear!

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