Outfit of the Day: High Glamour

Did you ever look so good you didn’t want to go home because not enough people saw you today?

Hahahaha…that’s me today.

So this is what I call my “I’m trying too hard but pulling it off” look. I have dozens of these looks in my wardrobe that I deign to rock only when I’m in a very high glamour mood.

Today’s look is all about Ruff Tung’s Floral Kimono. It’s as much for evening wear, as it is for lazing about one’s home during the day. My look is unapologetic about just how relaxed and “springy” I feel…even in the dredges of winter and flu.

I’ve completed the look with beaded earrings and embellished stilettos from my own collection, hair and makeup by the lovely Aretha Bauwens and DNA from my momma #YaaasssssIMG_3823 (3000x4500)

Cape Town has been giving me good weather so I hightailed it down a few blocks from my crib, to the Cape Town High Court steps. For those in the know, it’s actually a rather familiar hot spot for street style shoots, so I bravely joined the fray of stylish bloggers posing in the early morning light.

Day 2 done and dusted!

…but more is to come.

I give this look a solid 6/10

What say you?

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