New York Fashion Week 2017: Day Two Outfit of the Day

I woke up, and my feet gave me the mother of all reality checks: I will NOT be wearing high heels to Fashion Week today!

With this adamant and throbbing reprimand in effect, I had to figure out what I should wear that still speaks to my taste and need for comfort, all while trying to attract the lenses that descend upon the well-dressed(What?I’m aware of my vanity) hordes.

What I forgot I had packed, and which would be my saving grace, was the Erre Fashion Myri Dress – basically, a designer dress with the flexibility to turn into 14 different other dressed.

Teamed with this awesome dress I may have to hide from my mum when I get back to South Africa, is jewelry I had discovered by happenstance when doing trend research online. Lorne Jewellery makes the most incredible abstract art pieces you’ll ever come to see.

Not to be forgotten, the shoes to adorn my tired feet, would be the Puma x Daily Paper black & white sneaker. They aren’t too supportive for long-distance walking, but they are sick manifestations of athleisure.

What is weirdly wonderful about the hair by Melanin Hair, that I have on, is that I left home with one hair style, and got like 3 new ones during this day at fashion week. The virgin hair they make is soooo good it moves like natural hair, and shapes into the most flattering hair styles.

I wanted to be extra with my makeup today, but my innate style refused anything more than what suits me best under the sun; and so I rocked eyebrows made using the M.A.C Cosmetics Burgundy times nine eyeshadow palette, M.A.C Cosmetics mineralize skin finish, and the M.A.C Cosmetics metallic gold lip color.

So, you probably thought I was done, right?!

But here’s the thing: for all the shows I did not get tickets to, there was a fashion week experience which bolstered me from the slow slumber I’d been in, into full fashion week excitment – The invitation I got to the exclusive Saks Fifth Avenue runway showcase of more than 6 internationally renowned designers new pieces.

It was so good, I had a ball with the recently renovated third floor interior design.

Loved that they had this little activation experience to commemorate the event.

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