Outfit of the Day: Adrienne Landau scarf for Winter Street Style

Dear God!

After the chilly weather yesterday (I think I saw snow on Table Mountain), I had to bundle up a bit more today.

Keeping with my self-proclaimed chic taste, I took to the streets in what should be your winter wardrobe upgrade from regular scarves: The Adrienne Landau Mongolian Lamb clip scarf.




What’s so precious about this scarf?

Imagine  a masterclass in wearable warmth, if you will?

My neck and shoulders appreciate the soft, cloud resting on me.

It may be for the upper body, but my whole body was warmed by this slip of a (awesome) thing.




An artists duty is said to be, to reflect the times; and Adrienne Landau and Creative Director Saolo Villela, work in accord, to produce trendy but sophisticated pieces for the worlds fashion-focused to don.

There has been quite a bit written about ‘statement outerwear’ – every style from fleece sweaters, to boujie ranchhand-style shearlings, London businessman-type trench coats, and even New Yorkers coveted peacoats. You’d be foolish to think that the trend is going anywhere, God Bless H&M sales man!

However, many designers are striking archetypal beauty from their design aesthetic, and working on pieces which could be much referred to as “unstylish”. The plain, the retro, the functional and ugly are in; and Adrienne Landau has got the hook-up should you wish to dabble comfortably this winter.

Their bomber jackets and vests are particularly there to make a statement!

I’m more of a traditionalist. I keep my colors muted, and my wardrobes items a hairs-breathe away from descending into trendy madness.

I love this clip scarf for its color – who doesn’t dig white or ivory in any season(post-Labor Day be damned!) – and the utter class it brings to my otherwise ordinary outfit.

This scarf would let you wear something loud underneath it, and temper that fashionable choice just a touch. This scarf would also let you don something screaming minimalist sophistication – whether to blend in, or stand out. However, clothing can only do so much; Showstopping comes with your confidence and stature.



Mongolian Lamb Clip Scarf in Ivory by Adrienne Landau, $95 available http://www.adriennelandau.com
• The scarf is available in the following colors: Black, Ivory, Red, Purple, Taupe, Ivory|Black

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