Winter Fashion: Must Have Adrienne Landau Vest for Street Style

As a benevolent keyboard warrior and dictator of taste, when I deign to vacate my post, I have to look the part that best exemplifies the person I am online and in the outside world.

I have clothing rails I love to look at from my bed; Pieces I have collected over time, and impulse purchases I simply cannot part with. I have a world of armor and disguise to play with every day – this is the bliss of fashion blogging…but also of impeccable taste.

Seasons often bring their own demands to the game: whether to conform to the latest trends or regurgitate those long passed, to emulate iconic Parisian or New York taste-makers, or whether to just make a firm attempt to survive the temperatures, barely. One needs to shift their billowing summer dresses and spring sandals to the back of the wardrobe, and pack away the sleeveless vests for something warmer…or do you?

Maybe I’m a wierdo, but winter is the best season, right?! It is ridiculously easy to stay stylish during this chilly time, thanks to classic pieces that never seem to go out of style. Winter is statement outerwear – oversized scarves, beloved warm sheepskin, trenchcoats,  fur-lined parkas, and more.

You and your fashion packs need not brave the streets in layers, when one piece is all it takes. I am pretty much spending my winter trying to convince you why it is of necessity to invest in quality, sustainable fashion pieces for your wardrobe.

Winter has descended upon Cape Town, and I’m sitting here staring at a sleeveless wonder that will be my saving grace this winter: a textured Rabbit Fur vest by international fur designer Adrienne Landau.

Who is Adrienne Landau and why on earth should you care?

“Adrienne Landau started her career in the arts as a painter in New York City. Her namesake collection, which officially launched in 1980, is known for her glamorous ease, use of color and the juxtaposition of materials.”

You should care because S-T-Y-L-E!

I’m a bonafide “liker of things” but I also appreciate craftsmanship and versatility. Just invest in a single Adrienne Landau piece. You will find that an ordinary outfit could be transformed into a showstopper, and conveniently, the pieces transition from day to night seamlessly.

If the aforementioned ‘style’ is not enough to sway you, consider the fact that Adrienne Landau pieces have been worn by some of the worlds most influential and fashionable men and woman (including Iris Apfel, Ashley Graham, Blue Ivy, Lady Gaga, Bella Hadid, Nicki Minaj, and more).

Why should you choose a fur vest to be a winter fashion staple?

Less layering, and more warmth. My textured rabbit fur vest is so warm, you can actually go sleeveless underneath. The vest is soft and cosy, and your neck is well protected from the chill.

Also, its absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Rabbit Fur Vest by Adrienne Landau, $395 available
• The vest is available in Black, Crystal, Green

Stay tuned for more street style, featuring my vest in action…and even a competition you could win!

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  1. SAME! You are absolutely right!

  2. nimra127 says:

    I am in love with adrienne landau’s style. she is an icon

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