Outfit of the Day: Gypsy Chic

So here’s the thing: I haven’t had an opportunity to properly do this on my blog yet…You know…When you have a solid outfit of the day, and you just want to keep the momentum going but your wardrobe presents its own limitations.

So I hustled hard to get the perfect pieces that finally best exemplify my taste. My hope is that it gives you even better insight into where I stand on style. You’ll find that each day I post a look this week, they’re likely sharp juxtapositions, as I love straddling the lines between clear-cut fashion categorizations.

Half the fun of being a blogger who blogs about fashion, is the locations you choose to showcase your interest. Today, I’m taking you to Bo-Kaap.

IMG_3840 (3000x4500)

The Bo-Kaap is an area in Cape Town which used to  accommodate lower-income families and artisans from the central business district. It’s filled with museums that memorize centuries of history around slave trade, and the racial oppression of long passed South Africans that has become this nations most defining feature. Spice stores, restaurants with the backdrop of Signal hill, Mosques and kramats etc. make up the bulk of institutes and establishments in the area.

Whether you prefer condominiums, villas in the style of the Spanish, family homesteads or Victorian mansions, Cape Town can offer you all variations in real estate. The houses that make up the Bo-Kaap are candy-colored clusters made famous as they set the mise-en-scene to many fashion photo-shoots, fashion shows and film productions

I’m giving off chic gypsy vibes in today’s ensemble:

  • A calf-length light pink and floral double-layer skirt with patterned organza from H&M that will retail for around $129 when it drops in SA in 3 months time.
  • An off-the-shoulder lace Blouse by H&M that’ll drop in SA in 3 months time.
  • Sunnies are by Armani.
  • Handmade elasticated Juju Charm Bracelets in assorted African pink crystals, semi precious stones and handcut 100% brass charms by Soul Design.
  • Emerald green and gold chandelier earrings by Laloo Jewelry
  • Hair and handbag is by Aretha Bauwens.
  • Handmade luxury shoes by Coast and Koi shoes.

One thing you’ll always hear from me, is slight insecurity regarding my tummy and thunder thighs, so I covet the clothing lovechild of comfort and style. Inaurgaubly H&Ms best defining attribute is the way in which they size for the normal female form, and how their prices make it possible for many would-be stylish fashion lovers, to immerse themselves in trends, while building a sustainable tasteful wardrobe.

I’m not one for trendy jewelry, which is why Laloo Jewelry and Soul Design work so well for me – they are effortlessly stylish and not at all overbearing on ensembles for street style, and the red carpet.

I’ve praised Coast & Koi emphatically for their exclusivity – no two people would ever don one design coming from this brand. This is why I flex so hard with my Moroccan Coast and Koi shoes.

IMG_3849 (3000x4500)Day 1 done.

I hope you enjoyed the colorful style journey.

I give myself a solid 7/10 for this day look. What say you?

Stay tuned for more!


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