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Amid my late night research on up-and-coming fashion brands in South Africa, I came across ‘Soul Design’.

Here I am thinking “Alright, another cool jewelry brand based in Cape Town”, but there is so  much more to it apparently.

So #KlaasInSession with Abi James – the heart and soul of Soul Design – who took time off her busy design schedule to school us on her jewelry’s roots and a little interior decor.

*Change Youtube settings to 1080p HD to see interview in best clarity.

Abi is a seasoned jewelry maker – having made ranges throughout her “years working for accessory brands around
Africa. ”

I love the fact that their bespoke jewelry collection is intrinsically tied to ingenious design with the heart of African traditional cultural symbolism.



Abi says she’s deeply inspired by colors and textures – a true bohemian at heart. She uses a whole host of African trade beads, hand-cut brass and African precious stones in the jewelry design – and it makes for some of thee most kick-ass wearably stylish jewelry designs.

Soul Design has been seen on bloggers and celebrities alike; a brand quite popular with Capetonians partial to designing their own perfect jewelry.

Jewelry design is not her only milieu; Abi is an interior decorator with an eye for fabrics and pieces that would easily make up the keepsakes of a bohemian vagabond. Her studio space is also her home – and as a lover of lofts and contained but airy flats, you can bet I was envious of her humbly awesome abode.

She collects artworks from places like Pakistan and Zambia – including pictures from acclaimed photographer Caroline Gibello. There are Indian tablecloths and family heirlooms that showcase Abi’s singular taste. Not to mention she even owns a business that manufactures Malawian chairs. The house is littered with literature from DIY jewelry-making to photography books, and the biographies of celebrated artists and such…pretty much exemplifying how my future apartment might look. I am pretty much coveting her Peacock headboard whose origins remain undiscovered 🙁

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I had a photoshoot this past weekend, and styled my streetstyle looks with some of her latest offerings so stay tuned for the upcoming posts.

*Change Youtube settings to 1080p HD to see interview in best clarity.

Abi’s creations are available at: Blink in Jozini Tiger Lodge (Cape Town, South Africa), Mash (Cape Town, South Africa), Purr (Cape Town, South Africa), Nicci Boutiques (Cape Town, South Africa), Spice Route (Paarl, South Africa), Tanda Tula Safari Camp (Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa), Asilia Safari Camps (East Africa), Kaya Mawa Lodge (Malawi), and Jackal & Hide (Zambia)

Contact Soul Design jewelry at:

Studio Cape Town (By appointment only)
T:+27 (0)76 527 8717

For Interior Design & Decorating, see:
For Malawi Cane Chairs, see:

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