Look of the Day: Black Bohemia

 Any time I get the blues and want to channel the inner vagabond in me, I turn to the rails of my wardrobe and select something bohemian and gypsy-like.

I like the idea of being a style deviant and I covet rare pieces, such as my crochet jersey top I got from my mother.

 I took to the streets with my camera and went a lil nuts at my favorite vintage joint, named ‘Second Time Around‘ on Long Street.


 Firstly: Isn’t the decor in the place just lovely?

Salmon pink walls with frames dominating large expanses of the walls. There is a gaudy crystal and plastic chandelier, and rails upon rails of vintage apparel.IMG_0753This place is great in every filter.IMG_0752

 So how you like me now?

I’m dressed in a black maxi dress from Jay Jays (Circu 2010), a crochet jersey top from dear mumzy, and a designer hat from Simon & Mary.IMG_0751 I really dig my hat. It’s totes Fetch!

…and YES, I made fetch work.IMG_0754 “Zey kall me Madame Klaasique no mon cheri?!”IMG_0740My cat-eye sunnies are from Spitfire.

My ring is a gold leaf claw ring from Lovisa. They have seriously great inventory at good prices.

I have a whole bunch of purchases from them that will be worn in due time.

IMG_0745 The full look baby!IMG_0746

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