Outfit of the Day: That African Butter

It’s grey today, in Cape Town.

I decided to publish something a little sunny.

I haven’t done these in a couple months, but I have a near retro chic outfit of the day, and no other words to keep you reading.

Go look at the pretty.

My hair is by Brazil Hair| Earrings (which I absolutely love) by H&M | 9ct Harvest Rose Gold Rings by Legacy Collection.

I love the pieces Legacy Collection creates. There’s a heady weight of history and beauty, in their jewelry.

“Hand-crafted and encased in precious metal, every Legacy Collection piece – from dazzling jewellery to iconic art – is created from the original fence of South Africa’s Robben Island prison, the notorious Cape Town Island prison that housed freedom fighters including Nelson Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada, Walter Sisulu and many more during South Africa’s oppressive apartheid years.”

…and the surprisingly cute dress was by the affordable Mr. Price.

I am doing my best not to compare myself to anything or anybody at any time; to not fracture my confidence trying to come to terms with the daily trials of living, and to believe that I don’t need to validate my fierceness by attracting the male gaze – that I can affirm my hotness with self-love 🙌

Have a wonderful day guys!

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