Outfit of the Day: A Twist of Lime

It’s Friday BITCHES!

I bet you are so amped to do God-knows-what this weekend, so let me drop a little inspiration your way today. It’s Day 4 of my daily #OOTD posts, and I decided to immerse you in unapologetic fierceness.

But first…today’s location. We are doing Clifton 3 Beach.

Cape Town has a beach to suit your every mood. The glittering turquoise and navy blue coastlines, and soft white sand separated by picturesque boulders, are enough to be world renowned; and Clifton plays its part in providing the best seaside experience. It also happens to be attached to the infamous Millionaire’s Row.

There are 4 different Clifton coves, and I’m rather partial to Clifton 3 – which is great for some of that sheltered sunbathing so you don’t end up burnt up with the sobriquet “Becky with the bad skin”. Its a good place to people-watch while hiding from the Southeastern wind and avoiding the frigid cold of the Atlantic ocean. Its also a pretty good spot to end up in the back of some candid tourist Instagram shot.

When you think beach you think “Bikinis and sandals, beach bags and giant sunnies” right? Yeah well…I’m only ascribing to one of those beach stereotypes today, because fuck convention right?! Sometimes you just want to be extra unexpectedly … enter saturated colors and utter fabulosity.

IMG_0919 (2848x4272)

Today I’m wearing:

I’m obsessed with all things ombre, so I’m loving this purple and pink dip-dyed jacket.

I’m kind of thinking of matching it with my hair next time…whadya think?

Fetch no?!

IMG_0909 (2848x4272)

The reason for today’s choice is because I just want you to learn that you can switch up formal and informal looks with ease – anytime and anywhere. I am all about this convenience, which makes for a constantly evolving wardrobe mix.

Day 4 done.

I hope I gave you all kinds of life with today’s look.

I give myself a solid 8/10 for this day look. What say you?

Stay tuned for more!


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