Paris Fashion Week 2018: Day Two Outfit of the Day

Designs from the incomparable Erre fashion house, are beauty in motion.

I never feel anything but sublime in their exquisite creations – each one vocalizing a deep and abiding adoration of the female form.

For Day 2 of Paris Fashion Week, I relinquished minimalist sophistication, for bold modernity.

Planning my outfits mostly amounts to throwing things on a bed(wigs included), in the hopes that some combination looks appealing when it’s donned.

This was a rewarding outfit all on its own.

This particular shade of red (and those going deeper into Oxblood red) have a particular affinity for making me glimmer warmly in a sea of sameness…True story! It’s not my height alone which ensures I stand out in crowds.

What do you think of this outfit?

I attended the Jarel Zhang SS19 Presentation on this day, but made sure to hydrate in the City of Romance, with a drink at well-known palate-wetting haunt Mon Coco.

…That’s me having an ‘Old Fashioned’, while looking like the epitome of a new age Hollywood Stepford.

I thoroughly enjoy the movement of the jumpsuit, in as much as I can critically ascertain the incredible draping technique used to enhance the regality and sensual stature of any female wearing this piece.

Stay tuned for more looks…

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