Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Johannesburg 2016 – Day 2

I checked out of Fairlawns Boutique Hotel (with much sadness çuz I miss the tub that was in my room) and took a Uber to The Clico Hotel where #MBFWJ16StyleDuo were invited for lunch. Monde and I put our EyeSpy sunnies on, selfie’d up while awaiting our meal and drinking a light white wine, and I fell a little bit in like of the establishment as everyone from the waiter, manager and owner checked in on us at our table. Chef Peter van Schaik spoiled us with a yummy lunch , and we got really obsessed with the potato seasoning. Never underestimate the satisfaction one can get form a simple meal, and my dessert brownie with strawberries and ice cream proved that.

Thanks to my hustle, #MBFWJ16StyleDuo traveled to a suburb so elite, rich and exclusive, that the gated communities of Los Angeles would be jelly of the fence walls higher than most jail walls, and the shining gilded gates bigger and more elaborate than heavens gates owmygosh guys. That place was intimidating. ANYWAY, we drove up the street towards The Saxon Hotel, Villa and Spa. Guys. Ladies & Gentleman – and all other variations between – this is the hotel. Those fabled ones so exclusive that they don’t even need to advertise. This is the place that plays host to those who want the utmost discretion, and don’t mind paying a pretty penny for it. Suited gentleman lining the street leading up to the hotel, a 3-part security check even before the gates open etc. By the time our cab pulled up to the front, my heart was beating so hard as I wondered what even made me think this would be a good idea. We entered to a half-spiral staircase and quiet foyer; only to have the check-in folks smile and welcome us warmly enough to put me into relative ease. After a quick run-through of the hotel areas by our butler (uuuuh yeah, we totally got a butler. I know! ME?), I opened my suite and be still my decadent heart, but that room was totes beautiful.

I got ready for Day 2 of Fashion Week with a bubble bath and a bottle of complimentary bubbly (because Saxon is nothing, if not anticipatory of my needs and wants), and they were lovely enough to organize a shuttle to the event, with one of their luxury vehicles.

So day 2 of Fashion week and I gotta say: there’s a few choice words I have for any designer who chooses to mask the inadequacies of their collection with a loud and distracting showcase spectacle, so I hope designers across the world heed the warning in that statement.

NN Vintage by Nhlanhla Nciza relied too much on the dancing celebrities, to distract from the absolutely boring collection that came down Day 2s runway.

Image courtesy of SDR Ramp

Stefania and Shana Morland gave more of the same in both their showcases, with Stefania melding the Antebellum motif with Jazz era embellishments this season. Stefania also took Nina Simone’s “Take Care of Business”song from the ‘Man from U.N.C.L.E’ soundtrack; and it woke me from my sleepy stupor long enough to review her collection. I was cold to Shana’s designs, though I found a black and gold outfit in her collection, that I’d rock any day.IMG_5769 (2848x4272)

Marianne Fassler had a beautiful and textured collection (but a dancer opening the show who freaked me the F out, looking and dancing like a Africa Burn/Tomorrowland performance reject). However, the collection had a beautiful mix of dark masculine colors, mixed with pretty pastel palette.

Image courtesy of SDR Ramp

Philosophy by Jenni Button had kaftans we already own, and coats and sleeveless jackets made of blankets that seems directly plagiarized from Thabo Makhetha.

I do love my trusty skinny, jeans, but I was shocked I didn’t pack a pair for this trip. They are my staples to hold in every fat fold, while keeping me cute-looking. Oh! And to those skinny ass folks scoffing at the idea of the more fuller figured individuals running the streetstyle game, lets clarify something real quick: “Some of you are thinner than us, not prettier.” Though I do sometimes wish for some skinny genes.

IMG_5779 (2848x4272)

For day 2 of fashion week, I decided on understated provocation in a sheer ensemble consisted of a skirt by Erre Fashion. The look was completed with EyeSpy sunglasses, hair by Aretha Bauwens’ Brazil Hair, and jewels by Soul Design.

Street style at fashion week didn’t have me keeping my camera at the ready, but I have a few favourites coming up in the last day’s review.

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Well, Day 3 is coming up…

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