Outfit of the Day: Siren

So I kind of live in a concrete jungle…seriously, the beach is a bit of a trip to get to.

But because of that, I always make use of my luxury reviews, to squeeze a little shoot in amazing spaces.

Today’s look comes from when I visited the Thyme & Tide villa in Yzerfontein.

Owned and operated by The Beach House Collection, this luxury getaway house, is expansive and exclusive – having its own private beach, among its best features.

I did a shoot, dressed in a bright red/orange pleated cocktail dress I saw as I was exiting H&M, and it just spoke to my black soul so well. I’m usually a person who favors dark tones, and that’s been problematic for the fashion blogger in me, begging for vibrant adventure.

I had to have this dress though.

It makes me look mature, without the stigma of old age; and I feel gorgeous without looking like the dress is blowing up my forms’ silhouette.

The rest of my look includes glowing  M.A.C. Cosmetics makeup that doesn’t hurt my skin ever…seriously!

I have hair made and styled by Aretha Bauwens Hair, as well as artsy chic earrings made by the incomparable Lorne Jewelry.

I had a blast shooting outside the luxury villa, and inside it’s clean and minimalist interior.

That’s it from the siren!

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