Outfit of the Day: Haute Couture

Day 3 and we got us a haute couture situation for my final day of this months street style.

My friend and I hit up our regular CBD haunt, to snap some street style shoots; and we had quite some fun with hair and clothes – while burning in the Cape Town sun.

Today, I’m keeping it high glam with beach blond locks by Brazil Hair (eat your heart out Blake Lively *whips fake tresses*)

…and comfy nude platform stilettos by Steve Madden.

The skirt is a Chinese thrift shop purchase from my mom, while the top is from one of those capsule collections Mr. Price keeps making, and I keep impulse purchasing.

While emphasizing my stomach’s size, the skirt and top are black and form-fitting, without being unflattering. You can still see my stretch lines and cellulite, but that’s my body and I don’t have the energy to be self-hating because of it. Like I said in the beginning of the year, I am still in the throes of building lasting and healthy self-esteem, and a love of my body in any size. I like how I look in this outfit.

“Isn’t fat like a trophy for all the good food you’ve enjoyed?”

It’s simple. It’s pretty. I slay!

Good day!

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