New York Fashion Week 2017: Day One Outfit of the Day

New York Fashion Week has been at the top of my list of pop culture ‘bucket list’ ventures since I understood the idea of personal style and the realm of taste-makers.

I joyfully stepped into Day 1 of NYFW Sept. 2017 with the utmost exuberance, spurning my excitement on with thoughts of the famed vibe that had made this leg of the worlds most lauded fashion weeks, so iconic.

Skylight Clarkson Sq, where most shows are scheduled to take place, is a beautiful industrial chic location with the expected midtown streetstyle backdrop, that many bloggers, influencers, models and editors were quick to walk through to get editorial-worthy fashion week ‘candid’ shots.

I, too, was not exempt from the hype, and made sure to take a ridiculous amount of images for this personally historic moment.

Amid the foreign accents and eclectic trends, I found a moment of patriotic joy when I ran into celebrated South African photographer and tastemaker, Trevor Stuurman. It was a moment of African pride when we stood shoulder-to-shoulder amid the throng.

It was a long and hot day at NYFW , made especially arduous when you don’t have tickets to all the shows so you hover outside the venue like awkward turtles, but I went strutting into Day 1 dressed in #ProudlySouthAfrican designs.

Pictured here is me in a sophisticated, minimalist pink and black shirt dress by EKTA Clothing, which was such a pleasure to wear (beyond its stylishness), due to how comfortable it was, while accentuating my feminine form tastefully.

The stunning pink necklace is by one of my favorite South African designer brands, Afrigarde.
To finish off the look, I slipped into a pair of Madison Heart of New York  Metallic Gold heels, and a black Colette Hayman purse.

No one messes with a woman in a good shade of lipstick. I took MAC Cosmetics to the NYFW streets yesterday, with a Retro Matte Liquid Lip.

This lip actually completed the aesthetic of my look of the day by turning what would have been a boring face matched to beautiful clothing pieces, into a strong look highlighting the prominence of my big features in a flattering way.

To represent South African brands on a global stage, as more contemporary than stereotyped notions of African style, is a phenomenal and comfortable experience.

I’ve been spending most of my moments trying to find WiFi to spread the word on these amazing brands online, using my Motorola Z, available for purchase at Hi Online…as well as looking up to network with fellow attendees.

I’m reveling in sharing these looks I’ve carefully curated, with the world here.

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