Outfit of the Day: Exotica

Cape Town is hot and drought dry, but I’m enjoying warm tranquility in the sleepy seaside town of Yzerfontein.

It made sense to publish something a little sunny while relaxing at ‘Thyme & Tide’ villa, by The Beach House Collection

Actually haven’t done these in a couple months, but I have a near island chic outfit of the day, and no other words to keep you reading.

Go look at the pretty

My hair is by Brazil Hair| Artsy cute neckpiece is by Afrigarde | Turquoise block heel by Madison Heart of New York | Orange high-waisted pants by H&M

I have loved the pieces designed by Afrigarde’s talented owner Maria, for the longest time – so much that I’ve rocked them to local fashion weeks alongside Puma and other #ProudlySouthAFrican brands; I’ve styled with them on travel adventures, and along the streets of New York City.

There is a special artistic liberty taken in the careful crafting of this jewelry.

“The range aims to create a future aesthetic which incorporates the traditional design elements of African body adornment, while redefining the cultural barriers that certain traditional dress might create.”

…and the fact that each piece is entirely unique in the whole world, makes these valuable collectible – and wearable – art.

Once again, my 2017 & 2018 motto is that: I am doing my best not to compare myself to anything or anybody at any time; to not fracture my confidence trying to come to terms with the daily trials of living, and to believe that I don’t need to validate my fierceness by attracting the male gaze – that I can affirm my hotness with self-love 🙌

Stay tuned to my blog for the upcoming travel review of this expansive and gorgeous villa

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