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May the year, be ever in our favor!

January  was probably a bit rough on your system, following the generous ease and gluttony of December.

It’s time for a little detox, luxury and relaxation. I’m going to need you to forgo the stuffy hustle-and-bustle of city life, and all those predictable travel destinations wistfully dreamed about while working, for something on the classy side of different.

Dr. Klaas from the institute of Rest & Relaxation, prescribes you recharge your soul in peace, soak up the African sunshine, and feast on sinful delights – all while enjoying a sprawling and secluded luxury villa, in Yzerfontein.

“Yzerfontein is best described as a beach paradise where warm, lazy days stretch into long, pleasurable evenings. It is here that R&R and adventure abound in equal proportions.” – Denise, The Beach House Collection

Belonging to leisure getaway rentals specialist The Beach House Collection (properties located in the little town of Yzerfontein) The Thyme & Tide villa rests unassumingly grand along one of South Africa’s most beautiful and exclusive beaches: Pearl Bay.

It was a relief to park in the driveway, and breathe fresh air deeply. I immediately felt too relaxed to do much more than soak up the ambiance on the wraparound deck, over a glass of wine and a sunset.

The white shingle-clad, two-storey abode perched on the dunes of the Pearl Bay beachfront, is impeccably designed with vast scale and sophistication strongly influencing its aesthetic.

A simple glimpse at The Beach House Collections website, will reveal its innocuous but significant selling point: the offer for ultimate privacy and beach-front tranquility.

Designed for the purpose of hosting extended family holidays, retreats and even workshops, it has manifested as also being a wonderful location for photoshoots, for stills and film.

This luxury Thyme & Tide villa can hold up to 14 people comfortably, and comes equipped with: state of the art kitchen and its accompanying separate scullery and pantry, and enough bathrooms are available on each floor for all your personalities.

The Thyme & Tide villa is made for hosting, as it also includes an absolutely stunning formal dining space, and a chill sea-facing breakfast dining area.

Let me not forget to mention that visitors get not one, but TWO cosy as hell living rooms…among other things.

Nearly every individual resting here, can wake to a beach view – or atleast the soundtrack of crashing waves caressing the hazy visages of sleep from your lethargic body.

My masters bedroom, one of two facing the ocean directly, was the optimal option for consummate comfort and seclusion; the intimacy and privacy, also offering up unparalleled relaxation.

Not going to lie: I may, or may not, have shed a tear when having to part with the bed and bath in my room. We were going strong and steady, before I had to call it quits and take the hour-long drive back to Cape Town.

...I miss you bed, bath and beyond!

Town Tourism

I preferred to soak up the chill of Thyme & Tide villa, but there is life in the small town of Yzerfontein. Here’s a few things you can get up to besides visiting the smattering of restaurants there:

  • 16 Mile Beach – South Africa’s longest stretch of beach
  • Arts & Crafts Shop at !Khwa ttu – They display only genuine arts and crafts produced by the San people.
  • Blombosch 4×4 Nature Trail
  • Darling Stagger- One of five slackpacking trails in the Cape West Coast Biosphere, it is 25 kilometres for you to do in 2 and a half days.
  • Dassen Island Lighthouse – the most isolated manned lighthouse on the South African seaboard.
  • Ridge Riders Sandboarding
  • Vyge Valley Farmers Market –  on the last Saturday of each month, a fresh produce market pops up.

The Beach House Collection has more of a comprehensive list of attractions & activities you can read up further on, so visit their website.

Architectural Style: 7/10

Something about this villas expansive Hampton’s-style beach house opulence, appeals to the decadent vagabond in me, on a primal level.

‘Thyme & Tide’ villa is built using natural materials and rich textures, the villa’s open-air style and elegance, proving soothing and romantic.

Decor & Character: 7/10

Thyme & Tide villa currently features modern minimalist decor. Bedrooms are crisp white, and play with warm lighting so darn well.

Color is thrown in, with: beige brown throws and cushions, wooden flooring and furniture, the tasteful sculptures and art deco items, and the light olive and grey tones manifesting subtly around Thyme & Tide villa.

The ostriches and other bird ‘wildlife’ add sooo much humor and character to the experience of staying at Thyme & Tide villa.

Facilities: 7/10

Did I mention they’ve got everything you need to make a fire inside and outside – whether to do the SA thing and Braai(barbecue), or to stay toasty in-doors.

Cook up a storm in the fully-equipped kitchen(I’m talking industrial fridges and more), fit for a chef – the owner, who happens to be one, approves!

There is a central deck, showers and baths, a garage, alarm system, and all the space you deserve to unwind.

Disability Accessibility & Comfort: Yes, 5/10

The ground floor is fantastic for accessibility.

You’ll have an open plan layout to enjoy, as well as bedroom and bathroom access.

There is no elevator, so bummer experiencing the upstairs. There are no secure safety bars to use the facilities unfortunately, so that may be a bit of a problem.

Family Friendly: Yes, 8/10

Children (and pets) are welcome, but should be watched because…you know…little people in general.

Rooms: 6/10

Pretty roomy…and comfortable.

Location: 7/10

Roadtrippy, but still convenient.

An hour-long drive from the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town; a quick stop at Spar (the sleepy towns’ nearest and only grocery shop), and then a scenic, traffic-free 6 min drive to the clean, beautiful and functional villa.

Thyme & Tide villa has is own private beach access.

I sure made use of it to frolic in the water, and soak up some sun on the sand.

Value for Money: 8/10

Extremely good as far as value for money is concerned, when travelling with a group, or for a special occasion.

2018 Rates – Per Night
Jan – ZAR14 000
Feb- ZAR14 000
Mar – ZAR14 000
Apr – ZAR12 000
May to Sept – ZAR10 000
Oct – ZAR12 000
Nov – ZAR14 000
Dec – ZAR16 000

Dec 15 to Jan 15 – ZAR18 000

Contact Details

170 Dassen Eiland Drive
Yzerfontein, Western Cape, South Africa

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