Futuristic Summer Style: Body Positive Athleisure

Day 2 of my Body Positive Athleisure series, and I’m bringing you Futuristic summer style.

To me, being #BodyPositive means I am actively looking for an array of ways I can feel good in & about my body. I’m trying hard not to skinny-shame folks; or get touchy when I subjectively look at & overhear someone whom I deem skinny, talking about how fat they look or feel…we don’t know whats going on in their heads (okay, so they’re crazy. You’re hot bitch! Go away).

Its time I learned to acknowledge that everybody has things about themselves they will nitpick at continuously. We need to work towards – at the very least – going beyond the inevitable criticisms we push onto our forms, to give ourselves more compliments and see the good in our bodies (like my boobs. Lets take a moment to acknowledge their greatness).img_70524272x2848d

For me, that journey starts and ends with clothes. I LOVE FASHION! Sooooo, obviously, I endeavor to make myself feel good in my skin, by utilizing apparel that highlights my best assets well first- those being my legs, boobs and skin I guess. My mom has ensured my skin is the best outfit I wear, thanks to good genes and coconut oil. I also sometimes use basic Vaseline, thus the golden melanin skin, and decrease in blackheads. My boobs and legs have always rocked – even as I expanded – so I have come to challenge whether there is anything else on my bod that I can feel comfortable with

…and lo-and-behold, the awesomeness that is the EMPIRE WAIST! So I came to love my wider hips, narrowed-by-belts narrow waist, and the regal stature I subsequently somehow adopted when walking.

So anyway, long story long, here we are doing day 2 of my #BodyPositive summer style fashion diaries, and PUMA x UEG have given us(me, cuz you have to go buy hmmm k) a little stylish something to work(out) with.img_70412848x4272blogo

They say “use and discard” is essentially what the Polish brand UEG brand is about right now; The designer Michal Lojewski, making use of the Italian acronym UEG for “USE E GET-TA”, in order to intrinsically tie together the notion of consumption, with graphic design.

Now, while my blubber may not be resistant to gravity’s pull (that’s how I’m explaining away my falling tummy rolls), my wardrobe has been known to flutter with the breeze, in an attempt to defy gravity. For AW16, the Puma select line and UEG partnered up for their first full European collaboration, which showcased how we should all be about rising above the temporary state of everything earthly, to explore the cosmos.

Today, I’m using their out-of-this-world designs to defy gravity.



I’m not usually a loud person when it comes to clothing, but because of the black,white and grey color palette, I really dig the bold graphic communications on my sneakers, and the near astronaut-like restraints and clean silhouette formed by the material of the dress.

Interesting bit of information: The high school dance group I co-founded and danced in, was called “Gravity”.

The key piece from the range, which I’m wearing, is the Court Play x UEG (R1 999) slip-on sneaker,  available at Puma Select. Its got a heat pressed label on the tongue – but awakened my fashion interest specifically with how it’s all stylistically twisted into a fashion tag.

My comfy ass PUMA x UEG Dress (R2 799) demonstrates innovative and contemporary design, with its elastic straps emphasizing my rather voluminous silhouette – created thanks to the soft triple layer fabric.

For the Summer heat, this athleisure outfit actually lets enough ventilation through, that you don’t feel stifled doing things – whether those are sweat-inducing things like exercise, or leisurable activities like sitting directly below the blazing African sun, having a photo shoot… you know…normal, leisurable cool stuff.


Like my editing? I think I’m getting better at it, but I need to lay off the over-filtering.

Anywhooo, check out my Day 1 look here.

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