Paris Fashion Week 2018: Day One Outfit of the Day

Yesterday, I had a harrowing experience that nearly decimated my #FrenchKlaas trip before I kicked off Paris Fashion Week at all.

I was shaking and crying, freaking out about the potential idea of having no money while I’m still at the start of my trip. Luckily, everything worked out just in time for my first invite-only Fatima Lopes showcase.

I had to prep my look in under an hour, and still reeling from the earlier episode.

Paris has one of the best public transport systems, but I had no time to sample working it with a fashion week look, so I hightailed it into an Uber.

I didn’t get a chance to play with my Swiitch Beauty makeup essentials, but I did whip up a cute look for the show.

📸 Akriti Sondhi

This simple, elegant look – including my favorite black Myri Dress by Erre fashion, showstopping gold earrings by Kirsten Goss and hair by Aretha Bauwens – was snapped by a photographer, just outside the venue.

Fatima Lopes‘s SS19 Collection was alright. It was not something to write home about, but it did try.

She veered towards Runway Resort ready, but lacked inspired sophisticated design technique. I enjoyed the mermaid scale sequence pieces, but there needed to be an overhaul of the collections story, to tie much more intrinsically to the standard of design and finish, which this fashion week is predicated on reputation-wise.

After the showcase I was networking, and actually found out about another event, about Cape Town, being hosted down the way.

I didn’t even know about it, and I’m based there.

Anyway, a quick walk to the 1st Arrondissment, and I landed up at a chic luxe apartment among good company, courtesy of Globetrotter.

I’m a huge fan of this look because I spent most of the time being comfortable and looking sophisticated in the best way.

What do you think?

Stay tuned for more looks…

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